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Im very desapointed.i live in france and the soft cant to see a earthquake in mexico automatiquely!!! i destroy and not keep in my iphone.another application with the same name work fine... A few dollars in the trash with this dummy appli! Beware: search another with the same name and you are not desapointed! Michel

Erdbeben (Earthquake) C.4.1.6 excellent

quick overview, actually and several filters available. missing direct links to WeChat (in Asia preferred), Skype.....)

Dont bother if you live in Canada

Apparently though this program is supposed to do worldwide earthquakes, the manufacturer has decided canada isnt part of the world! I NEVER would have purchased this if I knew they werent being honest about supporting WORLDWIDE reports. They are misleading and now when you go into the program to shrink to see the other places in the world that they do allow to be part of the world, the program freezes cocmpletely. I would love to get my money back as this was FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!


Please add Canada, 5 stars otherwise.

Biggest draw back

The biggest drawback is that you cannot filter push notifications very well. It is either 999km away or everything. I would like to know about smaller ones closer by me and larger ones further away. If it had more push filter options it would actually be a decent app.

I found program works fine

I am over at Vancouver Island and found the program works great..It has Canada on the Map..Not sure what the other user is talking about! I thionk it is a grett APP

Much Needed Updates For This Earthquake APP

Time will tell how well your recent APP updates work. The fact you stated you listened to your customers is very encouraging. I appreciate your additions an stated improvements. We are all depending on accurate information in a timely fashion, world wide. I hope that you will continue to improve this APP.

I hate this

I would rate this better but it is showing me earthquakes from March and not from April that is a big bug.

Not bad

Ive been trying few earthquake apps since my parents live in Japan I needed the app gives me right push notifications and this one works best for me so far. Few things bugs me are I want to see the details and location of the hit when I touch the notice. Not my current location! One other thing is I want the sound of notification to be changeable so it stands out from other apps. Looking forward to see an update!

I like this app, mostly

I am pleased with the updates you have made for your app. Living on the west coast of Canada we have a lot of quakes and I find reassurance in the timely information you provide. My one complaint is your colour scheme. I find the yellow background drab and the yellow you use indicating the strength of the quake(s) blend into the background, leaving me squinting to discern the information you are providing.

Earthquake West Coast Canada

This is the most reliable app that I have. Glad to have it. We do not have sirens where we live (Victoria,BC)

One of my daily use apps

Good app and very reliable. Lets me keep tabs on earthquake activity on the West Coast where my family is.


This app is very good. I love it. All my friend in FB HAVE A TOO

Earthquake Review

Ive had this app for over a couple of years. I also have 2 other earthquake apps. This one works the best. It sends alerts when earthquakes and tsunamis occur. I am quite pleased with its performance. One of the most useful apps I have. I have waterfront property in Hawaii - very susceptible to tsunamis, and live on Vancouver island - over due for a mega thrust quake that will also produce a large tsunami. Essential to have this app, as it notifies earlier than local authorities, could save your life. I also like how the app will display a map showing where the earthquake occurred, as well as the tsunami warnings.

Good Ap. Works well.

I like this app. It gives up to date reports of earthquakes around the world.

dont cut the map

please make it indicate the whole pacific map such as other app.

Very good

You are informed in a short time, I advice everybody related.

Easy to get data

It is easy to know, 5N1K = 5W1H about earthquakes.

push nodifications :(

nodifications dont work


Horrible! Does not give notices of quakes. Ive deleted and reinstalled and still wont work.

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